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About Loft Ladders
About Loft Ladders

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Most of us would love to have more space in our homes and now you can with Loft Ladders Glasgow.

Loft Ladders Glasgow and Ayrshire can create a new area in your attic space giving you back a lot of previousley unused space 
Loft Ladders Glasgow and Ayrshire  offer a high quality loft ladder and loft hatch supply and fit service. We also offer a loft flooring and lighting installation service at a very reasonable cost.

We all realise the potential hazards of gaining access to our loft areas using what is to hand. Step ladders and chairs invite an accident to happen. The benefits of a properly installed loft ladder are obvious, convenience and safety!.
Ideally you should have a swing down loft hatch fitted that can be opened by a special pole from floor level, the pole would normally also be able to pull down the ladder allowing you safe and easy access to your loft.

Loft Ladders Glasgow and Ayrshire have qualified tradesmen who will always put down dustsheets to protect your carpets and clear up after to leave your home as we found it.

Which Loft Ladders Do Loft Ladders Glasgow Offer?

aluminium slider loft ladders
Very lightweight and easy to operate offering exceptional value for money. These aluminium loft ladders come in either 2 section or 3 section. The 3 section version would normally come with a safety handrail and are rated to either 100kg or 150kg maximum load..   

heavy duty aluminium loft ladder
Designed for frequent use or where heavier loads are being carried. This top of the range sturdy ladder offers a very secure and stable way of entering your loft. These ladders are generally stiffer with less flex, they are however significantly more expensive. 

concertina loft ladders
A versatile loft ladder that is ideal where there is little or no stowage space in the loft area. These ladders can be fitted with anti slip rubber treads. Concertina loft ladders are usually very strong and stable and are suitable where very high ceiling heights are involved. Concertina ladders tend to be more expensive than conventional loft ladders.

wooden/timber loft ladders
Wooden loft ladders normally come complete with their own integral spring loaded loft hatch and requires no stowage space in the loft. This hatch tends to be a lot larger than the standard hatch opening thus necessitating the need to cut out a larger hatch opening size. These ladders are suitable for fairly regular or heavy duty domestic use and are far quieter and tend not to creak like aluminium ladders. They tend to be quite heavy and don't twist or flex much allowing a more solid, stable and almost silent loft access solution. 

telescopic loft ladders
Normally suitable where the installation of standard loft ladders is not practical. They require very little stowage space and are great for confined spaces as they can be used vertically or over a wide range of angles.

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