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Loft Ladders

plastic insulated swing down loft hatch               custom made swing down wooden loft hatch

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Loft Hatches
You might also consider having a new hatch fitted (additional cost).
Fitting a swing down hatch allows the hatch to be opened from floor level and also allows the ladder to be pulled down from floor level. If you have a push up type hatch it will be difficult to get the ladder down and you would most likely need to use a step ladder to reach it.

New MDF or plywood swing down hatch.
New white PVC insulated & draught proof
maintence free swing down hatch.

2 section aluminium ladder. from £70 supply & fit to existing hatch.

with comfortable "D" shaped treads.
Reaches floor to joist heights of 2.66m (8ft 9 inches).
stowing height required in loft min. 920mm (3ft).
stowing length required in loft min. 1652mm (5ft 4in).


3 section aluminium ladder.  
with comfortable "D" shaped treads.
Reaches floor to joist heights of 3m (9ft 10 inches).
stowing height required in loft min. 760mm (2ft 6in).
stowing length required in loft min. 1180mm (3ft 11in).

Offers the added advantages of a handrail and usually some double width steps at the bottom for that extra secure feeling.

3 section deluxe heavy duty ladder with handrail.

 A superb heavy duty, high performance aluminium loft ladder for daily domestic and commercial loft access. Sprung pivot arms and nylon slide provide a smooth and quiet sliding operation. Comes complete with two long handrails for climbing security, 77mm(3") deep flat non-slip treads angled for comfort, operating pole and all the fittings for simple loft ladder installation. This loft ladder is ideal for high frequency use.         


  • Floor to joist heights up to 2.31m - 3.25m(7ft 7" - 10ft 8")
  • Minimum hatch size of 0.51m x 0.68m (WxD)
  • Vertical clearance of 1.03m(3ft 4")
  • Horizontal clearance of 1600mm(5ft 3")
  • Outer width - 39cm & Inner width 33cm
  • 77mm deep flat serrated treads
  • Maximum safe load: 150kg (23.6 stone) - Includes user & any items being carried
  • EN14975-Heavy Use

Concertina loft ladders

These adaptable ladders are especially suitable for where there is very limited stowing space or a low head hight available in the loft, being very compact they are also ideal for installing in tight access situations.
We have various types of concertina ladders all of which are extremely strong and stable when climbing.

Maximum floor to joist hight    - 5 metres
Maximum safe working load    - 200 KG

concertina loft ladder

3 Section wooden ladder with  integral hatch.
Can be tailored to suit floor to joist heights of 3.5m
Features at a glance

The Eco S Line is a 3 section folding timber loft ladder with an insulated draught proof hatch:
  • Tested and certified to EN 14975:2006
  • Requires no arc of clearance or storage space in the loft
  • Made from solid spruce – FSC and PEFC certified
  • White faced trap door
  • Rubber draught excluder on casing and trapdoor
  • 20mm thick trapdoor insulation reduces heat loss
  • Handrail to aid safe climbing
  • Slip resistant treads and feet
  • Easy operation; includes timber pull and push rod
  • Full installation instructions included
  • Extension kit available
Casing size (m/ft)
  • Length – 1.13/3’9”
  • Width – 0.55/1’10”
  • Depth – 0.14/6”
Opening size – 1.15m (3’ 9”) x 0.57 (1’ 10”)
Max. landing space – 1.37m (4’ 6”)
Max swing clearance – 1.62m (5’ 4”)
No. of treads – 12
Duty rating (kg/st) – 150/23.62
Weight – 26kg
Min. floor to ceiling height – can be cut to suit
Max. floor to ceiling height – 2.81m (9ft 3”) 3.51m (11ft 6”) with extension kit added
No arc of clearance required in loft
Insulation coefficient – 1.33 W/m2 0C



Telescopic Loft Ladder (fixed).
– a miracle in space

This telescopic loft ladder is the world’s first truly telescopic loft ladder. It is extremely compact, it fits almost any size of hatch down to 520 x 600mm, it is stable and safe to climb and when it is folded up it takes up a minimum of space in the loft itself.
Suits ceiling heights from 2.3m to 2.45 metres

Tread width 90mm

Weight 12.5 kg

Our adjustable telescopic loft ladder can reach a floor to joist height of up to 3.2 metres

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